Join us on Saturday July 4th for a Hotel Party.  Couples $50, Single Men $60 and Single Females $20. We will be having Hotel Parties on the first Saturday of the Month.

$10 off door fee if you sign up on SLS or Kasidie before midnight the day before the event. You can just click on their logo here for Free to Join. All details will be send to you once you sign up.

Hotel rooms are $65 plus tax.


THESOCIALCLUB aka TSC is a member of NASCA, the Free Speech Coalition, & is an Equal Opportunity Lifestyle Organization.

For information on Local Hotel Parties, please send an e-mail to  

For all of our Saturday night Theme Parties, please go to SwingLifeStyle , Kasidie or for all the details. Just click on their LOGO’s and join for FREE to be up to date.

Because of all the Local & National News Coverage we have many New Members every weekend that didn’t even know we were in Nashville, because we try to be very discreet.




(615) 244-2438

THESOCIALCLUB aka TSC is a Private Membership Club

owned and operated by Member Shareholders.

No Party or Event this Weekend  for TSC, but join our Friends at Menages in Nashville, Vide in Murfreesboro, Pandorasforest in Crossville, Beach Bums in McEwen and ImtimatePleasures in Cleveland.

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Pandora's Forest swinger club      931-277-3077              
SEX, SEX and more SEX. Cum to Timberline and mingle it up a bit.  We set the mood, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.  We have a pool and 2 poolside bars and just steps away is our “Hot Tub”. There are numerous amenities for your playtime fun.  Every weekend is themed for your amusement. Timberline’s nightclub with our live “Wild and Crazy” DJ” opens at 8 pm every Friday and Saturday night. Beer and wine coolers are sold at the poolside bars. BYOB we have a small charge for setups.

ClubPandora swinger club      8885107288              
ClubPandora, simply stated is unlike any other nightclub experience you  have ever experienced. ClubPandora is the Midwest’s premier private adult lifestyle nightclub with  10,000+ visitors from all over the world offering pure “on-premise” fantasy  and fun. There is no wonder ClubPandora was named “A Swingers Paradise” by  All Adult Network TV in 2014. ClubPandora is the premiere playground for  sexy couples and select singles.




Genesis Club swinger club      901-326-1662              


Intimate Pleasures swinger club               


            TSC is a member of NASCA, the Free Speech Coalition, and is an Equal Opportunity Lifestyle Organization. 


 Dr McGinley  nasca international

Dr.  Robert McGinley

Has invited TSC to participate in a Pyschological Clinical Research project involving adults interested in or actively participating in alternative lifestyles. Your involvement is this study is totally voluntary and strickly  confidential . We feel very honored that Dr. .McGinley  has extended this opportunity to our club members. Dr. McGinley has been instrumental in the evolution and  promotion of adult alternative lifestyles in the United States for  30 years. If you would be interested in this study, please send an email to us and put in the subject line : Study

A lifestyles community market report by Dr. Robert McGinley

It is instructional to look at who the swingers are. A recent study of swingers by Curtis R Bergstrand, Ph.D. and Jennifer Blevins Sinski, published with the title Swinging in America, found the typical swinger to be 39 years old with two years of college education, married 1.5 times in a current marriage lasting 10.5 years, and with five years involvement in the swinging lifestyle. In their sample, swingers identify themselves in a variety of careers including 10 physicians, 15 attorneys, 65 upper level managers or owners of businesses, 27 engineers, 22 teachers, 40 health professionals including nurses, and people representing a variety of other occupations including skilled blue-collar workers, office personnel, police officers, computer technicians, and artists.

The ages in this particular study of males averaged 40.5 years with 14.2 years of education, married 1.5 times with the current marriage being 11.1 years, years in swinging is 5.3, while of the females of the study the average age is 35.6, years of education 13.9, number of times married 1.3, length of marriage 9.1 years, and swinging 4.2 years.

The ethnicities of swingers in the sample are: White 90.4%, Black 4.1%, Hispanic 3%, other 1.5% and unknown 1%. When asked about their religious affiliation the question being “are you currently a member of a church, synagogue, or mosque,” 72.1% said yes and 27.9% said no religious affiliation.  Those who were members of Protestant churches were 38.8%, those who are 20.4%, those Jewish were 2.1% and other religious affiliations 38.5%.

The swingers in the study order their values as (1) self-respect (2) family security (3) inner harmony (4) happiness (5) mature love (6) true friendship (7) pleasure (8) freedom (9) sense of accomplishment (10) exciting life (11) comfortable life (12) wisdom (13) world at peace (14) social recognition (15) equality (16) world of beauty (17) national security and (18) salvation. These results suggest swingers put a relatively low priority to religion in a traditional sense and that they do not particularly care about material things or social status. What appears to be emphasized most in their value system is inner harmony and happiness as it is accomplished through their immediate circle of family and friendships.

In summary, the authors of this study found the swingers in their sample to have many characteristics similar to those found in previous studies: they are predominantly white, middle-class, middle-aged and likely to be a member of a religious organization. They are however, more middle-of-the-road politically than other studies have found, seem to be less racist, less sexist, and less heterosexist than the general population. These differences, they found, possibly reflect changes that have occurred in the swinger population over time since their research is more recent than many of the swinger studies with which they compared their results.

In this study a main theme expressed by swingers appear to be the need for variety in their sexual lives. Other researchers report data suggesting the need for variety drives initial entry into swinging. The author’s sample of 1100 swingers on exactly the same question resulted in a response at a slightly higher rate than older studies. About one half the swinger sample responded to the statement  “How important is variety in my sex life a reason for entering swinging” with a response of “very important.” It was found that an equal percentage of female swingers and male swingers site variety as the reason for beginning swinging.

Woman swingers cited creating close friendships as the second highest reason for entry into swinging. Some researchers in the past downplayed the socializing aspect of swinging, highlighting the supposed desire swinging couples have for depersonalized sex. In the Bergstrand/Sinski 2000 study it was found that swingers value their friendship quite highly and reported that making new friendships was very important to them. Men and women respond quite similarly to this question with “meeting new friends and expanding my social life” as a reason for swinging with only 19.1 stating “not in all important.” Swinging in America, published by Praeger, An imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC



Please join NASCA CONNECT  absolutely FREE  by clicking on the link below.  If you are a member of TSC, please put it on your Profile.



For More information about Human Sexuality go to:

Go on line and fill the Swingers  Relationship Survey by clicking below:



Must be 18 or older and a Government issue ID is required to Join.



” Who are Members of TSC “

We are Very Open and Broadminded Couples, Single Men & Single Women from all walks of Life and Every Profession.


 Every year we feel especially inspired and motivated to help support our community and those in need

We have Events every year to help many organizations such as The Humane Society, Second Harvest Food Bank, Clothes Drive For The Homeless, Support For Our Veterans, and The Cancer Foundations. Our members have raised thousands of dollars over the years for these special causes along with many more and will continue to show our support.  If you would like to join us in supporting those in need, you can follow us through our events or just send us an email with any questions.

For years our members have been giving to OPERATION STAND DOWN TENNESSEE !  You can drop used Men’s and Women Clothing, Coats, Hats, Gloves and Non-Perishable Food off at the club. For Household Items, Furniture, Etc. please drop them off at 12th Ave Thrift, 1125 12th  Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee. Their website is 


Thanks for the interest in Our Private Club


TheSocialClub aka TSC is a Private Members Only Club where Open-minded Couples and Singles come to explore their fantasies or simply enjoy the adventurous atmosphere. TSC provides a safe, private, no-pressure atmosphere for members to meet, greet and get acquainted.

 We have 11 private rooms, a huge Couples Only Area, a small group room for 5 or more, a love swing room, a dungeon and a game room with 2 pool tables. We have 4 picnic table and chairs in our Very Private Courtyard and Deck.

Casual Dress, but its always fun to dress for out Theme Parties & Events !

There is No Smoking in the Building  !

. .

If you have any Questions about the  Lifestyle, just drop us a note to:  E-mails are answered by staff members.

TheSocialClub aka TSC, Owned and Operated by Member Shareholder !  Want to become a  Shareholder,  just send an e-mail to  and put in subject line Shareholder !


No Means No ! You NEVER Have To Do Anything You Don’t Want To ! 

If you have any Questions about the Swinging Lifestyle, just drop us a note to and we will be happy to see if we can be of help  e-mails are answered ASAP by staff members !!

For tips on the etiquette of the swinging lifestyle, look under “club info” at the top of this page.

For upcoming Party Info, Please checkout our Event Calendar

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