Dr.  Claire Kimberly with the University of Southern Mississippi has invited TSC to participate in  Research project involving adults interested in or actively participating in alternative lifestyles. Your involvement is this study is totally voluntary and strictly  confidential . We feel very honored that Dr. Kimberly  has extended this opportunity to our club members.  Please go to this  link and help us with this research.


We have been told that things are going very well at Freedom 4 All Building.  We will be meeting at the United Fellowship Center and hope to have our first fellowship meeting there in September for The Swingers Church ( TSC ).  All  Alternative Lifestyle Ministers are welcome to conduct service !

Please join the New Yahoo Group…   https://groups.yahoo.com/group/theswingerschurch

520 Lentz Drive, Madison, Tennessee.  Just off  Due West !

If you are interested in having a wedding or any function there, please send a e-mail to  lentz520@yahoo.com and put in subject line Wedding.

Board of Directors  had a meeting July 19th. They voted to offer the opportunity for others to become Shareholders until August 15,1015. TheSocialClub aka TSC, Owned and Operated by Member Shareholder !  Want to become a  Shareholder,  just send an e-mail to  tennesseesocialclub@yahoo.com   and put in subject line Shareholder !

Hotel party  Saturday  !! Join us September 5th, send an e-mail to  TENNESSEESOCIALCLUB@YAHOO.COM  for details.

That’s right we had such an amazing time at the last party that we have decided to do it the First Saturday of every month and some on the Third Saturday. We had the entire 2nd floor blocked off just for our group and the partying went on until the wee hours of the morning and it was great. We have once again gotten the hotel to block off the floor for us so that we can do it all again. Room rates have been discounted to $65 plus tax if you are with our group  (mention TSC group when you call to book your room – rooms are first come, first served) and the party fees are $50 for couples and $60 for single men, $20 single women. You will receive $10 off if you sign up  on  SLS ( SwingLifeStyle,  just click on the logo on this page to join for FREE ) and  attend before 9 pm. Only people that attend the party will be allowed to join us for the after parties.  You do not have to book a room to attend the party.  If you book a room you can check into the party at 7pm.  Party is from 8pm until midnight. Call 615 244-2438 for more information.

Prices include door fee, membership fee, set-ups and light snacks.  Bartender works for tips only.

Dale and Denise ( The Spot) will be set-up in the banquet room from 7 pm until 8 pm so you can come get a sexy dress before the party starts. Contact Dale and Denise if you have any special requests so they can make sure they bring the item with them.

You do not have to have a Hotel room to attend. 

For more details send an e-mail to :  tennesseesocialclub@yahoo.com  Put Hotel in subject line. We will send you the Hotel Information,

As with all our events you never have to do anything you don’t want to.

For all of our  Parties, please go to SwingLifeStyle , Kasidie or SwingPartners.com for all the details. Just click on their LOGO’s and join for FREE to be up to date.

If you would like to use the Freedom 4 All Building for a Wedding FREE, just send a e-mail to lentz520@yahoo.com and put in Subject line Wedding.


 TSC is a Private Membership owned and operated by Member Shareholders with Hotel Parties on the First and Third Saturdays of each month..

615 244-2438



Vegas Exchange 2016 LifeStyle Convention

It’s Back!!!! The long awaited lifestyle event comes to Las Vegas, NV, August 11 -14, 2016. When calling, let them know you are with the TSC Group.

Sales & Billing 754-551-2462  • Info@vegasexchange.com

SwingLifeStyle has teamed up with Vegas Exchange to bring you the world’s greatest Lifestyle Experience.

Join us and many of our TSC members this weekend at Pandora’s Forest for a great time,

Pandora's Forest swinger club
www.pandorasforest.com/      931-277-3077     office@timberlinelodgeandresort.com              
SEX, SEX and more SEX. Cum to Timberline and mingle it up a bit.  We set the mood, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.  We have a pool and 2 poolside bars and just steps away is our “Hot Tub”. There are numerous amenities for your playtime fun.  Every weekend is themed for your amusement. Timberline’s nightclub with our live “Wild and Crazy” DJ” opens at 8 pm every Friday and Saturday night. Beer and wine coolers are sold at the poolside bars. BYOB we have a small charge for setups.

ClubPandora swinger club
www.clubpandoras.com      8885107288     ken.davidson@lhmginc.com              
ClubPandora, simply stated is unlike any other nightclub experience you  have ever experienced. ClubPandora is the Midwest’s premier private adult lifestyle nightclub with  10,000+ visitors from all over the world offering pure “on-premise” fantasy  and fun. There is no wonder ClubPandora was named “A Swingers Paradise” by  All Adult Network TV in 2014. ClubPandora is the premiere playground for  sexy couples and select singles.


          United Church Of BaconCheck out the webite by clicking belowhttp://unitedchurchofbacon.org/    


Genesis Club swinger club
www.genesisclubmemphis.com      901-326-1662     memberservices@genesisclubmemphis.com              


Intimate Pleasures swinger club
southeastswinging.com/          shdw_catcher@yahoo.com               

Christian Swingers.com 

Join us on Sunday at 3rd & Lindsey for weekly Fellowship with Friends.

TSC is a member of NASCA, the Free Speech Coalition, and is an Equal Opportunity Lifestyle Organization.


Please join  NASCA CONNECT  absolutely FREE  by clicking on the link below.  If you are a member of TSC, please put it on your Profile.




For More information about Human Sexuality go to:


Go on line and fill the Swingers  Relationship Survey by clicking below:



Must be 18 or older and a Government issue ID is required to Join.


” Who are Members of TSC “

We are Very Open and Broadminded Couples, Single Men & Single Women from all walks of Life and Every Profession.


 Every year we feel especially inspired and motivated to help support our community and those in need

We have Events every year to help many organizations such as The Humane Society, Second Harvest Food Bank, Clothes Drive For The Homeless, Support For Our Veterans, and The Cancer Foundations. Our members have raised thousands of dollars over the years for these special causes along with many more and will continue to show our support.  If you would like to join us in supporting those in need, you can follow us through our events or just send us an email with any questions.

For years our members have been giving to OPERATION STAND DOWN TENNESSEE !  You can drop used Men’s and Women Clothing, Coats, Hats, Gloves and Non-Perishable Food off at the club. For Household Items, Furniture, Etc. please drop them off at 12th Ave Thrift, 1125 12th  Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee. Their website is  www.osdtn.org 

Thanks for the interest in Our Private Club

TheSocialClub aka TSC, Owned and Operated by Member Shareholder !  Want to become a  Shareholder,  just send an e-mail to  tennesseesocialclub@yahoo.com   and put in subject line Shareholder !

 Copied from SwingLifeStyle

Find out If Being a Swinger Is right For You

Find out If Being a Swinger Is right For You


Should you be a swinger? You will find swingers are defined as people who practice in non-monogamous behaviors. It is an activity where people who are married agree to practice sexual activities out of their marriage. It is also referred to as recreational sex. Although the definition in Wikipedia defines swingers as people who are married and they resort to having sex outside marriage, there are also many people who are single, but they are swingers too.

There are many reasons that can lead you to engaging in a swing lifestyle. For example, you may be searching to spice up things in your bedroom, your friends are swingers hence you will like to explore the lifestyle. There are some people who just got into the lifestyle due to their friends involvements. Their friends informed them about the sexual adventure that they had while in the relationship, and they decided to try it. After trying it they found the lifestyle very enjoyable. This lead them to maintaining the lifestyle and they have good stories to share about it. They found other members of the lifestyle who become like members of their families. They were able to exchange ideas in the lifestyle which has made their lives change completely.

There are things you should consider while engaging in the swinger lifestyle. First, you should take into consideration your level of involvement. There are different types of swingers. Many people will assume in the swinging lifestyle the coupes will swap partners for them to have sex, but that is not the only option. There are others who will insist to have sex in the same room where their partners will be having it with other people. Others will prefer soft swap, this is a case where they will only have intercourse with their spouses but they are in a swing event. Other options available in swing lifestyle include group sex. Girls on girl only, voyeurism among others. It does not mean when you decide to swing you will have to swap, you should look for your most comfortable adventure and get involved in it.

There are some people who cannot swing due to the fact that they cannot separate love and sex. It becomes hard for them to bring other people into their bedrooms. For you to swing you should be able to see your partner in another perspective. You should first sit down with your partner and discuss before you decide to ensnare in the lifestyle. There are some people who become aroused after they see their partners with others, others will not take it. You should always take your time and discuss about it before you decide to engage in the act.

After you take your time and discuss about possible outcomes, then you will find it very easy to get involved in the lifestyle. It will be very exciting after you take your time and know what may go on after you decide to take your first steps and get involved in the lifestyle. There are some people who have had good encounters in their first adventure while others it turned out to be a bad experience due to their lack of preparedness.

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  Free 4 All


The Swingers Church, 520 Lentz Drive, Madison, Tennessee !

Offering Something for all Lifestyles.  Join us for Fellowship.

For upcoming Party Info, Please checkout our Event Calendar

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